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2 way Tube Amplifier +

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Hi-End Dual SE amplifier


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About Myself

The interest to the tube  amplifiers appeared in me in the 1960s due to my friends, who were older than me and were involved in production of receivers and amplifiers. So, I have been in this trend for more than 50 years. First I imitated simple tube amplifiers, then more complex ones, and always introduced my own additions – my eternal urge to create! When Hi-Fi transistor amplifiers appeared and their harmonic distortion  was several orders lower than that of the tube ones (so called “New Class A”), I decided to “switch over” to the transistors: I imitated the amplifiers of widely known developers E.Cherry, L.Hood, J.Cood. Then I developed my own versions on their basis. But once I compared “the old” tube phono pre-amplifier for vinile records with a transistor one with wonderful sound (using the scheme from English magazine “The Wireless World”). One cannot imagine my surprise when a simple 2-tube one sounded better: there appeared “the middle”, clearness, lightness.

I kept the transistors! (as the components for high fidelity amplifiers). At the exhibition «Hi-End» in Moscow, where I was invited, tube  amplifiers with the price range of $30 000 — $40 000 «overplayed» the one on transistors worth a hundred thousand dollars. This is both mine and other experts’ opinion, of all who listened to these amplifiers. Since then I prefer tubes, though some products (e.g. I produce a professional 6-band crossover with the attenuation of 40 dB per octave on transistors and micro-schemes as an optimal solution).

A new “ tube cycle” I started with analysing, testing, listening to the basic types of  tube  schemes and chose the best one for fullrange  and 2 and more – way  amplifiers. The scheme I preferred is the most complex of the existing ones and requires an out-of-the-way approach to its implementation. It demonstrates a wonderful phase responce, which allows receiving frequencies of as little as 0 Hz, exact scale, lightness and correctness. The bass register is like the foundation of the building, it indicates whether it is a real house, which may stand one two or more floors, or just a tent. In the chosen scheme it is a PALACE: powerful, accurate, clear-cut, resilient bass. In other schemes the problems with bass are obvious.

Nowadays unique by sound characteristics tube  amplifiers have been developed. Their sound is impossible to confuse with others: this is impeccability, wholeness, scale, exactness up to minute details of the music picture. Fundamental, vibrant bass, which makes the picture sustainable and allows to bring out the “middle” and “highs”.  These frequencies sound lightly and clearly.  Some firms apply this scheme of output cascade, but never managed to realize its advantages.

In my amplifiers both SE and P/P there is the best combination of SE, dual SE and P/P preamp cascades, where they demonstrate their best qualities and also cross connections,  interstage transformers allowed to receive the best sound ever possible for the present time. Its worth mentioning that there the components from HI-End to the best ever that money can buy are used.

But even better results may be received with the transfer to the audio system (amplifier – acoustic system) as a whole. Creating such systems is the main direction of my activity.   

There are 2 basic variants:

1. Fullrange  audio-system (amplifier – acoustic system) as a whole.

2. Multi-way audio-system – 2 (or more way) amplifier and 2 (and more way) acoustic system

In a multi-way system  the maximum level of the sound quality is achieved. In a 2-way system, for a example, of bass register there applied the  amplifier,  which performs basses the best way, and “the middle” and “highs” are performed by the “best amplifier” for these frequencies. The same is for the acoustic system: a woofer  +  a fullrange (or several drive units).

Music is food for your Soul, and it means that its quality should be the best! I make the systems of the highest level!

Make your decision! 

Do you need a Palace?  If YES,  then, please, call and write. I make these systems for you!



Systems of Sound for the Soul.


To listen to music with help of the equipment of high quality and to make such equipment — it means to get  delight and pleasure.

Many people who listen to music, appreciate and understand it, need the equipment of high quality.

There are tube amplifiers and loudspeakers made by the author and audio components of the famous firms of the world.

The main direction are Hi-End Systems “HI-END Tube Amplifier-Speakeras the One system

  • the two-way (three-way)  Tube Amplifier and the two-way (three-way) Speaker.


Hi-End tube amplifiers: SE/Dual SE or P/P (from $4650)


  • E283CC/E88CC/6BQ7; ECC99/12B4/12BH7//6BX7; KT 88/6550/EL34/EL156/300B/BS, 2A3, 845, 211
  • 274B/5AR4/5U4G/6CA4


— transformers (input, interstage, output, power) and chokes:

  • “PANSTEP” — М4 (0,27mm), Z11 (0,1mm; 0,23mm), Amorph, Permalloy

volume control:

  • «ALPS»
  • “Ladder Type”
  • «DACT»
  • TVC


  • «MUNDORF» (silver+gold)


 The products of the author are



1. Multiwaved tube amplifiers (2 way, 3 way or more) + Multiwaved speaker (2 way, 3 way or more)

  • frequency response from 0,2-0,3 Hz
  • for every drive unit  there is its amplifier.
  • for every drive unit  there is its transformer.

2. Phono preamplifiers

3. Home Theatre

  • HI-END Tube Amplifiers + Speakers




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